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He says he is also forever grateful to Kamal for the care he gave, and gave Kamal his superman shirt to show his gratitude.

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Sipos says that Kamal is forever family. Three Recycled Rides were positioned for an unveiling ceremony for three patient families on Tuesday, July 2. Often challenged with daily medical appointments for their children, the families juggle demanding finances, employment, and transportation schedules. One patient family said they took the bus to get to the event.

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Over 1, cars have been donated through the Recycled Rides program since its inception in Hamblins Body and Paint and its employees have volunteered their time, expertise and labor to refurbish the vehicles to a like-new condition, and Enterprise provided a donation to Recycled Ride recipients. Representatives from Loma Linda University Health accept a check during a luau-themed grant presentation at the San Bernardino Bank of America main branch. The temperature is increasing, the kids are home from school and lovers of sleep are suffering.

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It can feel especially tricky to get good sleep during the summer months. Some individuals may be prone to insomnia due to increased light stimulation. This can help prevent the shifting of your circadian rhythms. It can also be useful to use air-conditioning or a fan to lower the ambient temperature. Bright light into the early evening inhibits melatonin secretion, resulting in a decreased tendency to fall asleep.

Light is the most potent factor that sets the human body clock. More active evening social schedules may also contribute. However, work and school schedules do not shift, which means wake-up time remains the same. Parents can also set up boundaries for their kids and teens to turn off their screens about an hour before bed.

If you are going to use screens, make sure to use a blue light filter, since blue light can prevent melatonin secretion.

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While the long days of summer and the increased temperature can make sleep more challenging, there may be a greater underlying issue. The device is called a double balloon enterscope because it has two balloons on a tube that is used to inflate and deflate as a physician moves the device through the intestine. Mann says access to the small intestine used to be very difficult due to limited technology and the location and length of the small intestine.

Even with the greatest technology, catching any symptom before it develops into a disease is key.

If you notice any signs of bleeding or feel that something is not right and may be related to the intestine, then please feel free to contact your primary care doctor at The episode shared her journey through the eyes of her doctors and family while they all fought for her life. Lexi eventually received a lifesaving heart transplant and is now thriving. The series givesa unique, up-close look into the lives of those faced with immense tragedy, revealing the resilience of humankind in the Inland Empire.

Loma Linda University Health has expanded its urgent care service offerings with two new locations to accommodate the growing medical care needs in the region. Both facilities will open their doors to the community on Monday, July 1. The Urgent Care operation hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a. Roger D. The site provides great opportunities to better service the community with more options for same-day care, Woodruff said. Committed to providing the best care to patients, the AUC will offer walk-in care hours, seven days a week and will be staffed by board certified emergency medicine physicians.

While managed by emergency physicians, the new AUC is not licensed or designated as an emergency room, but will see all patients who seek care. For all life-threatening emergencies, dial Loma Linda University Health For more information about locations and conditions treated, visit or call:.

The funds will be used to ensure the children of the Coachella Valley have access to quality pediatric and specialty care in their community. We applaud Loma Linda for their success in this endeavor.

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It is the mission of the Barker Foundation to help fund nonprofit organizations devoted to education, culture, healthcare and social services. Loma Linda University Health — Indio, Jill and Barry Golden Pavilion provides general and specialty services to children in the Coachella Valley, including well care and sick visits, chronic medical condition care and coordination, immunizations, dentistry, pulmonology, lab testing lead, hemoglobin, urinalysis, blood sugar, pregnancy and rapid strep , and vision and hearing screening.

For more information about the clinic, go online or call Alexander Harris underwent surgery in August to repair his shattered vertebra after a motocross accident left him unable to move. Ten months later with the support of his family and care team he walked across the stage at his high school graduation. Graduating high school is usually a milestone for most, but for Harris walking across the graduation stage to get his diploma was the real reward.

I wanted to get on a bike again. Having those goals helped me get here. Last August, Harris was at his professional motocross debut when in mid-jump his foot caught, tossing him off his bike and over the handlebars. Harris was no stranger to accidents, having sustained previous bike injuries. Except this time was different. Harris had shattered his C5 vertebra and was experiencing pressure on his spinal cord. He would need surgery immediately if there was any hope for him to regain any movement, let alone walk again.

I was very happy that I could move something. From that moment on, all I could think was to work quickly, efficiently and operate all night — do whatever it takes to save what I can. Before going into surgery, Minasian warned the family that the extent of the damage could leave Harris quadriplegic for the rest of his life, but she would do everything possible to save what she could. For Harris, an essential part of the recovery process was setting goals. It helped him stay positive and gave him something to work toward — walking at graduation.

After surgery, Harris reached many milestones over the course of 10 months and daily physical therapies. During his first visit with Minasian two months following the surgery, he could lift his arms above his head. By March, he was walking in the clinic. CBU has a total enrollment figure of more than 8,, including nearly 7, undergraduates, with an average student to faculty ratio of 18 to 1.

The University of Northwestern- St. Paul often referred to simply as Northwestern is a private, coeducational, evangelical Christian institution located in the heart of Minneapolis and St. Northwestern began in with only seven students and was first called the Northwestern Bible and Missionary Training School.

Northwestern also offers a number of adult undergraduate degree programs degree completion and an Early College option for high school students which is offered on-site, on-campus, or online. Located in La Mirada, California, Biola University is a private, coeducational, evangelical Christian institution of higher education. Horton, a Presbyterian minister and author, and August B. Prichard, also a Presbyterian Minister.

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  6. Biola has a total enrollment figure of more than 6,, including over 4, undergraduate students, with an average student to faculty ratio of 15 to 1. Biola University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and has been so since All undergraduate students are required to take courses in General Education, Biblical Studies, and Major Coursework with more than 40 undergraduate majors and concentrations available from which to choose.

    Established in the early s, PLNU traces its roots back to the prayer meetings of six women who called themselves the Bible College Prayer Circle and the work of Dr. Phineas F. Bresee who responded to the call of establishing a Christian college in the Los Angeles area. Originally named the Pacific Bible College at its founding in , the school was renamed several times including Pasadena College before its current one was adopted.

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    More than 60 undergraduate areas of study are offered as well as multiple graduate-level programs which are available through regional centers which are located across Southern California. PLNU has a total enrollment figure of over 3,, including more than 2, undergraduate students, with an average student to faculty ratio of 15 to 1.

    Grand Canyon University is a coeducational, research institution and the premier private Christian university in the state of Arizona.