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But it is valuable not just for a piano duet but also for all musicians. Photo: Matthew Dine.

Tchaikovsky - Opening Theme from Piano Concerto sheet music for Piano Four Hands (Piano Duet)

She is a member of the duo-piano team Quattro Mani, which specializes in modern and contemporary repertoire. She regards these qualities as essentials:. She and her husband, Ralph Neiweem, make up a piano duo that is in residence at the Music Institute of Chicago. The 30th-anniversary edition of the event, which includes lectures, master classes and performances, is set for July Compatibility: Two people who love the repertoire and are comfortable spending a lot of time very closely together. Individual talent and personality: Both players need to be equally strong, technically and musically.

Jan Mul, Concerto for Piano Duet and Orchestra

Ability to listen to each another: To achieve the best result, the sound must overcome individual differences and weave and blend each part together to create a whole sonority. An interpretive vision is essential. Patience: Piano duos, perhaps along with the string quartet, are the most difficult of all small ensembles.

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The precise attack of the piano sound makes for time-consuming rehearsals in order to work out an interpretation that gels and breathes. Sense of humor: Rehearsing a piano duo is fatiguing and intensely exacting work. This series of three books has duets for beginners. This is a great way to introduce young players to playing duets.

These are great for students who have been playing for a few years. This series of five books has new compositions for a wide variety of playing abilities.

Concerto in Classical Style: Piano Duo (2 Pianos, 4 Hands) Sheet (2 copies required): Martha Mier

This seven-volume series has a wealth of classical literature for players of almost all abilities. Beatles fans will love the eight songs in this book.

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  6. With exciting arrangements and familiar tunes, this book will please both the players and the audience. The four songs in this book are inventive arrangements of classic Christmas carols.

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    With interesting variations and new harmonic twists, this book keeps Christmas fun. The three piano preludes in this book are full of character and bluesy harmonies. The preludes were originally written for solo piano, but they are so popular that arrangements have been written for a wide variety of instruments.

    Take a listen to the first prelude here:. The books above should keep you busy for a while. Grab a partner and get to learning!

    The Women of Classical Piano: A Brief History and Overview

    Music is meant to be shared, so have fun playing these duets with fellow musicians. Search thousands of teachers for local and live, online lessons. Sign up for safe, affordable private lessons today!