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I am about to bring up a Kickstart test site and see what the backend processing looks like. So far I have not seen many comments on other people's experiences as I really want to know what others do. It's pretty vanilla on the back end, Walt. I run a small e-commerce site on Drupal Commerce where we do on-site processing, and slowly the tweaks I put on my site work their way into core.

Incidentally it's also the site I originally developed the Commerce Flat Rate for. We're limited to what you can do with Views for the most part, though the roadmap for Kickstart 2. Spicing the Views up with bulk operations seems to be a pretty common task, and I think we're all still waiting for an "Entity Comment" module to appear that lets you attach comments to any type of entity.

Jason: Nice. We are fans of AdaptiveTheme around here so it's nice to see a Drupal Commerce theme. I am a Drupal noob, and find documentation and video's invaluable, if there was more DC documentation out there it will be awesome. Johann Smith: You are welcome. It should help you with your membership requirements. Thanks for the link, I went through all the Commerce Guys videos on Vimeo and single this one out as one to watch, now it's moved to the top of my list Just wondering why you compared Ubercart 6 VS Ubercart 3 which even though its a port of D6 to D7 is quite a bit more integrated with Rules and Views which gives non developer users a fast start.

Hi guys! I had a developer who established my webstore with Drupal and Ubercart nearly a year ago. He did a great job but it was rather expensive for me. Since then I took some time and made some researches about Drupal based shopping carts. And I see that DC would be a better option for my business. So, I am now searching for effective upgrade from UberCart to Drupal Commerce without hiring someone else. Is it good? Are there any other options that I am missing? Thanks for any help. Cart2Cart looks pretty interesting, though I see Drupal Commerce isn't currently listed I think I have a better idea for us.

In short, if you're comfortable giving me a site credit eg: small link footer of ea page , I'd be quite interested in migrating you to DC. Contact Getting Started There are two paths you can take to get Drupal Commerce up and running. The first option is to install Drupal and Drupal Commerce , along with all its dependencies Ctools , Views , Entity API , Rules , and Address field from scratch and configure everything to work as you prefer.

The second option is to use the Commerce Kickstart distribution. Drupal Commerce D7 vs. The Facebook vs. Email The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. About text formats. Plain text Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Web page addresses and email addresses turn into links automatically. Best of luck on your Commerce projects! Adrian: Excellent comment!

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