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We explain the relationship between the figures and the final time of a race. By providing samples from the past performances of horses at multiple tracks, we show how figures are impacted by factors such as track condition, track configurations, and vastly different track surfaces. Introduces the concept of Pace; its relationship with the various running styles of a horse and how it is defined in the Daily Racing Form with Moss Pace Figures. Also included is an example of how an extraordinary quick Pace contributed to the failure of Oxbow in the Kentucky Derby, but a moderately slow pace helped him to win the the Preakness Stakes.

Trip notes are included in the comment section of a horses past performances.

Steriline Starting Gates First Class Safety

They are often utilized by the handicapper to determine if a horse encountered any troubles in a prior race. We provide a list defining some of the most common terms used in trip notes, and a link to a complete list on Equibase.

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  • How a Horse Learns the Starting Gate.

Pound-for-pound, jockeys are arguably the best athlete in all of sports, and in this article we explain why. Included is a list of the key attributes that distinguish the top jockeys in the sport. Also, ex-jockey Frankie Lovato adds his own comments on additional characteristics that are important to a jockey. The head trainer is very similar to the head coach for professional sports teams. We describe the role of the trainer, explain the importance of determining their strengths and weaknesses, and offer ways to get further information about trainers.

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A Look at how Horses Enter the Starting Gates

Email Address. Racing Here we introduce the basic building blocks to understanding the sport of horse racing. In the Southern Hemisphere, the birthday is August 1. Also, a weight reduction to which female horses are entitled when racing against males, or that three-year-olds receive against older horses. Horses with this condition are known as non-sweaters.

Racehorse Starting Gate School at Santa Anita

Most non-sweaters are athletic, but the condition appears frequently in pastured horses, who aren't ridden. Anhydrosis usually occurs when both the temperature and humidity are high. Horses raised in temperate regions and shipped to hot climates are most prone to develop the condition, but acclimated horses can be at risk, as well. Clinical signs include inability to sweat; increased respiratory rate; elevated body temperature and decreased exercise tolerance.

Every racehorse has to learn how to be comfortable in the starting gate, regardless of how cramped it is. Most states require racehorses to complete official workouts. Some such workouts must commence from the starting gate.

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The logic in this requirement is the horse is allowed to load up and break away without impediment. The gate crew ultimately gauges whether the horse if officially ready to race.

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  4. In some cases, certain horses require a minimum of three extra workouts. The gate crew is comprised of a group of 10 horsemen who help with training and loading prior to the race. The best riders provide encouragement to the horse as it enters the starting gate.

    Richard Schibell Racing - A Look at how Horses Enter the Starting Gates

    Once the horse is provided with a gate card, entry is granted to the race. Those placed on this list are not allowed to race until the gate crew re-schools them and provides the gate card. It is possible to add special padding to the stalls for horses that have had prior issues. This padding makes it possible for the horse to settle down without risking injury.