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Advantages and Disadvantages of Animation 3. Interactive Animation 4.

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Kinds of Animation: Categorizing and Evaluating B. Traditional Animation Overview 1. Principles of Animation C. Concept Development and Storyboarding D. Differences Between 2D and 3D Animation 1. Animation Files and Formats VI. Audio: Music and Sound Effects A.

Audio Fundamentals 1. Mechanics of Sound 2. Analog and Digital Audio B. Recording vs.

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Importing Audio 1. Amplitude, Frequency, and Sampling Rates C. Editing and Manipulating Audio Tracks E.

Audio File Formats and Compression Schemes 1. Audio File Types 2. Storage Options F. Using Sound in Multimedia Projects 1. Web Site Audio 2. Video Mechanics B. Video in Multimedia C. Analog and Digital Video 1. Composite vs. Component Signals 2. Analog-to-Digital Conversion 3.

Video Resolution D.

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Shooting or Obtaining Video 1. Recording Raw Footage 2. Capturing Directly from TV 3. Importing Video to Computer 4. Acquiring Video Clips E. Display Standards and Playback Options F. Editing and Manipulating Video G.

Video File Formats and Compression Schemes 1. Video File Types 2. Storage and Memory H. Authoring for Multimedia Functionality A. Tools for Authoring 1. Tool Selection Considerations 2. Bandwidth for Web Projects C. HTML Tags 2. JavaScript Programming 3. Web Standards and Guidelines D. Interactive Design 1. Graphical User Interfaces 2. Hardware and Equipment Options A. Multimedia Project Equipment Setup B. Input Devices 1.

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Mice, Digitizing Tablets, and Trackpads 2. Keyboards 3. Scanners 4. Image and Motion Capture 5.

Microphones 6. Touchscreens and Fingerprinting Technology 7.

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Digital Audio Recorders C. Output: Displays and Screens 1. Dual Monitors 2. Speakers and Headphones D. Data Storage 1. Internal Drives 2. Online and Networked Storage E. Computing Platforms 1. Desktop Computers 2. Mobile Devices and Operating Systems X. Software for Multimedia A. Multimedia Software Options B. Digital Imaging: Photography and Bitmapped Images 1. Screen Captures and Recordings D. Page Layout and Typography E. Animation and Motion Graphics F.