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The past several months, I experienced reoccurring feelings arise involving anger and frustration. My limiting beliefs were the obstacle and I was blocking my own path. I was preventing myself from ever fully realizing the confidence, contentment and balance lacking in my lifeā€¦and in fact the truth is more oftentimes than not, we ALWAYS are.

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Life is going to flow the way it wants to, continuously giving you more and more of the same experiences wearing slightly different masks whether pleasant or unpleasant, until you fully surrender and roll with the current. Today I am officially giving life a chance to flow its own way. I will do my work happily, joyously, and believe everything I am doing now is what is required to meet the Universe halfway.

After all, it is a fifty-fifty partnership baby. The way of the Universe is one of smooth and calm seas, free of all error.

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Leaders create more leaders, and true leaders have heart. Jared's heart is blown open and he is unafraid of sharing his miraculous gifts with all of you.

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First Name Last Name. In September , students at a university in Vietnam set a new world record by putting together the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world. It took 1, students 17 hours to put all , pieces in place. They created a foot by foot 15 m by 23 m puzzle showing a lotus flower with six leaves representing people, geography, history, culture, education, and economy. Each piece of that puzzle might seem unimportant and uninteresting by itself, but the puzzle is incomplete if just one piece is missing.

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The scriptures teach the doctrines and principles of the gospel. Since we can be saved only through Jesus Christ see John , we need to learn about Him and His doctrine. There are hundreds of people to read about in the scriptures. Which of them do you admire most? Maybe you look up to Ammon for his courageous obedience in the face of danger.

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Or maybe you think of Job and his unwavering faith and integrity. Have you read about the donkey that talked to its master see Numbers 22?