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A debt fund controlled by real estate investment firm Walton Street Capital recently took ownership of the room hotel at 11 E.


Walton St. The takeover and apparent financial woes at the year-old hotel belie a downtown hospitality market that has thrived in recent years.

Iran warns US against seizing oil tanker

They also cast a harsh light on the operations of a property whose sale four years ago set a record high for a price paid per room for a Chicago hotel. That purchase didn't play out as planned for Geller and Wanxiang, the real estate arm of Chinese auto parts manufacturer Wanxiang Group. Despite several years of record-setting tourism to the city and a slew of hotel business pouring into downtown as a result of corporate relocations, a source said their Waldorf Astoria ownership group recently defaulted on its loan payment for the property.

It's unclear how much the Walton Street fund is seeking for the distressed story hotel in one of the city's most upscale corridors. He said that Stena Impero had been surrounded by four Iranian vessels with a helicopter hovering overhead, while 10 Iranian speedboats had converged on the Mesdar.

The Revolutionary Guards said they had seized the Stena Impero, citing international maritime law for their actions. The seizure of the tankers came hours after authorities in Gibraltar announced that they were extending their custody of the Iranian tanker, seized by Royal Marines on 4 July , on suspicion of shipping oil to Syria, in violation of an EU embargo.

Seizing It

Tehran has denounced the detention of the Grace 1 as piracy carried out on orders from Washington. The incidents come amid a battle of nerves along the oil export routes of the Gulf, which has involved close encounters between Iranian, UK and US military forces. Trump said on Thursday that the USS Boxer took defensive action after the unmanned vehicle came within 1, metres of the warship and ignored multiple calls to stand down.

Trump has vacillated on what he wants Iran to do in return for a lifting of the oil and banking embargo that the US has imposed since walking out of an international nuclear deal with Tehran the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA in May last year. The deal, struck in Vienna after nearly two years of intensive talks, limited the Iranian programme, to reassure the rest of the world that it cannot develop nuclear weapons, in return for sanctions relief.

See a Problem?

Tehran also accepted extensive monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA , which has verified 10 times since the agreement, and as recently as February, that Tehran has complied with its terms. The nuclear deal is also enshrined in a UN security council resolution that incorporated it into international law.

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The 15 members of the council at the time unanimously endorsed the agreement. Iran announced its partial withdrawal from the nuclear deal a year later.

Iran releases tanker after seizing it in July, UN to evaluate impacts of Saudi oil attacks [Video]

Iran is currently observing the protocol under the terms of the JCPOA, and was due to ratify it, cementing it into law, in October Zarif offered to bring that arrangement forward by more than four years in return for immediate sanctions relief. The US reaction, however, was scathing.

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Iran has consistently refused to give up uranium enrichment, which can be for both civilian and military purposes.