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Pinner Full Name. Comment Count. What are the consequences of such a misreading? We begin our example of a racialized reader response above with The Crossover to share one way we are responding to the problem of White readers learning to expect Whiteness when they encounter characters, especially characters not dominantly dealing only with racism in literary plots.

Their book, Letting Go of Literary Whiteness: Antiracist Literature Instruction for White Students , offers more strategies for addressing race and racism through literature, especially with White students. The Hunger Games.

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New York: Scholastic Press. Garcia, A. The revolution starts with Rue. Connors Ed. Rotterdam: Netherlands, Sense Publishers. If don't follow yet I hope you will drop down to the bottom and read about her achievements. She is a prolific reader and a strong advocate for students and teachers. She has contributed many times on a variety of subjects. I love her selections. She focuses on fairly recent texts.

Certainly there are plenty more to consider. What is your favorite YA text with a strong male protagonist?

One of My Favorite Urban Fantasy Series

Life has always presented challenges to children and young adults. My father lived through two World Wars and the Great Depression. Sometimes strength is having the confidence to be ourselves, and sometimes strength is having the courage to transform ourselves into the persons we know we could be. Everyone needs to recognize themselves and see their lives reflected in books to realize that they are not alone and their problems are not unique.

The value of books, such as those listed and reviewed, is to generate important conversations; adolescents will more willingly discuss characters and how characters handle, or mishandle, conflicts and personal issues than discuss themselves, their difficulties and concerns, and their actions and decisions. In this way books can also serve as bibliotherapy. In fact, many times boys are expected to be even stronger by virtue of the prescriptive components of gender stereotyping. As whole-class, book club, or independent reading, these stories will generate important classroom or small group conversations, or private reflections, about how characters experienced and met challenges encountered, providing maps for those readers.

These are not all newly-published novels, but they are ones that I have read and reviewed in the last two years. Following these, I have also included 5 novels which feature strong boys and girls who face challenges together. Not really. And how their noses curved around a little bump in the middle, just like mine. And how their hair cow-licked in three separate places, just like mine. He was a Fractional Persian who was a little overweight from his medicines for clinical depression. He didn't fit in at work at Tea Haven where they steeped every tea to a full boil, despite the advice of Darius who knew teas.

But when Darius and his family go to Iran to visit his grandmother and dying grandfather, Darius becomes Darioush and is enveloped by his extended family and the Persian culture. Justyce is a full-scholarship senior at a college preparatory boarding school, captain of the debate team, and has received his acceptance to Yale.

Then, helping a drunk ex-girlfriend, who is bi-racial with very light skin, into the back of a car, a white cop slams him around, cuffs him, and takes him to jail. This experience completely challenges his concept of racial equality in America, and Justyce begins writing letters to Martin Luther King, trying to figure out what Martin would do. Taking his side is his Jewish debate partner, Sara Jane; Justyce realizes that they have some things in common and falls for her even though he knows his mother will never accept an interracial relationship.

Things escalate, and Justyce loses his sense of where he stands in the world. I made a difference. Denis died under mysterious circumstances.

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He was kidnapped and found three days later, halfway across the state from his home, placed on the Georgia memorial on the Gettysburg battlefield. Was he murdered? By whom? And where? As twelve-year-old Matt and his friend Trey begin to investigate, Denis feels he must come back as a ghost and help them. What follows is a story of loss, broken families both that of Denis and Matt, their father and two brothers, and the family who becomes involved in the kidnapping , the effects of war, redemption, and bonds.

Patterns woven and repeated, subtly or accidentally, over the years. At first, I thought the author would never be able to pull all the events together; however, like arteries in a body, they each served to nourish each other. Teachers and parents have expressed concern about finding books for our more advanced young adolescent readers; in many YA novels, the themes, events, and language are not appropriate for 9 to year-olds. Denis Ever After is a complex book appropriate for young readers and, given that the vocabulary is not particularly advanced, it will also appeal to readers who are interested in an intricate mystery.

Jason Parker is a fifth-grade American boy living and attending school in Japan where he is different—and bullied for being different. What follows is relentless bullying, and the reader sees the importance of telling an adult, but not just any adult.

The Sumerian Device: The Book of the Artifice and Abominations

The teacher has to be aware of what is going on, and Jason is afraid that his parents will make it worse. He is hoping to last until his parents can afford to send him to the international school. In short lyrical free-verse lines, readers learn about Japanese culture but also the trials of being perceived as different in any culture. Readers will experience the effects of bullying on children and the importance of effectively stopping and preventing bullying, but they will also become aware of the dilemmas involved with trying to end bullying. I found myself frustrated that Jason did not tell his parents, but then I am an adult.

I also was disturbed that his teacher ignored all the signs, but I have learned that this is too often true. In fact, Jason wants to change the rule in his school that allows teachers to hit students. And there is always the worry of judgment and censure from others. Author Tony Abbott remembers and designs Tom, the protagonist of Firegirl , with all these challenges and insecurities.

He goes to a Catholic school where he is quiet and most kids ignore him; he has fantasies about saving the life of a grateful Courtney, the prettiest girl in the class; and he hangs out daily with Jeff, a friend who is a little strange, has an unhappy home life, and may not be very truthful or nice but just might help Tom impress Courtney.

Firegirl is a novel I missed reading when published in , but when I saw that Tony Abbott has written a new novel, The Great Jeff [see below], which focuses on the character Jeff from Firegirl, I decided to read the earlier novel and am so glad I did. Klee looks for support in Sarah, his one new friend, but he may be demanding more than she can give. When she disappoints him, he cuts himself with a knife and ends up in a psychiatric hospital. Who can he trust? He already found that he cannot trust his perfect mother, or can he?

Who is real, and whom does he fabricate. How much like his favorite artist, Van Gogh, is he? Gae Polisner creates a perfect puzzle. I was reminded of the sliding puzzles I played with in childhood. In sliding puzzles, there always is a piece missing.


And Klee finds he does have a piece of the puzzle that is missing and, when he finds it, he may be able to build the picture and trust again. Once started, I literally could not put this novel down. Picture me frowning at the doctor for taking me on time for my appointment. The story is skillfully crafted, as each piece slides into the opening left by the movement of another piece. The characters—Klee, Dr. There is a transcendental or ethereal quality that reminds me of A. There are so many pathways and levels offered by this novel that I know I will read it many more times.

Right in your line of vision.