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Shortly thereafter in May , she started the Circle of Mothers, a fellowship of women who have lost love ones to senseless violence.

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She hosts a weekend retreat to bring the women together for a time of mutual support and healing. When we made it to Fort Lauderdale where we attended the Circle of Mothers Gala; I felt like I was walking into sacred space as I thought about the tremendous loss Sybrina and the other women have suffered.

She was visibly moved and graciously received the award. Rosalind Y. Tompkins received a doctorate of humanities degree from the Five Fold Ministry Theological University in Find out more at www. Rosalind Tompkins.

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McBath attended two Circle of Mother retreats, first in and again in when Hillary Clinton came to address the group and advocate for gun reform. The retreat is not all tears, though. This is important to Fulton, as she knows that she is asking mothers to open themselves up emotionally. The moms love that.

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Brown lost her son, Eviton, in He was 24 years old and had just moved back home, in Miami, to be closer to his girlfriend and their one-year-old daughter. What do you want to be doing one year from today? It was P. When she returned home, her son was gone. Or that one of those bullets had hit her son. He died instantly.

She became an activist, writing a column in her local paper and launching her own radio show. But before that, she recalls the devastating loneliness of this particular loss. This is precisely why she has been to every Circle of Mothers since the first in During that first retreat, among many of the poignant moments, there was one where the mothers made two lines facing one another and reached into the space between them.

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One by one, each woman walked through, held up by the women surrounding them. Fulton walked through as well. This was one way to move through it, with the other mothers embracing each other along the way. She has since been back twice, because it allows her to remember her child for who he was—not the news bulletins, or the icantbreathe hashtag he became associated with.

Everyone knows about the tragedy.

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I want to talk about who our children really were. Eric, she says, was a big teddy bear who doted on his mother. Ebooks and Manuals

He never gave her flowers or candy, but instead made grand gestures. One year it was a denim suit. At the retreat, these mothers can grieve and celebrate their children together. They can also strategize how to make the most of their losses.

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The loss of a child to gun violence is something no mother wants to bond over—and yet each is grateful to have that bond.